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 A type of snub to other players. Porzi? (üzenet: 3, Hobbi)
 3. eveningtesty  |   Válasz erre2023-02-06 10:24:02 [1.] 
geometry dash lite is a very complicated 2D platform game that is a lot of fun to play.
 2. Yukolin12  |   Válasz erre2022-12-14 16:59:53 [2.] 
In the game trap the mouse , the goal is to capture the rodent before it can get away
 1. hgdgsvhgvuj  |   Válasz erre2022-12-10 10:05:44 [3.] 
However, he has the fifth-best 3 points rating on the team despite finishing the 10th best in 3-point percentage last season. His 3-point percentage was 33.9 percent. 0.8 per game. Williams' profile is not entirely accurate, however, his 75 overall is a fair starting point (even when it should have been 77).

Russell Westbrook's homecoming season with the Los Angeles Lakers did not go as planned. In 2K22 he was 85 overall, but gradually dipped following a bizarre performance throughout the season. He was the league's MVP before that, and is now 78 overall, the third-highest on the team and where his final score was 2K22. You won't get many arguments about whether he's still the player he was in 2016but it's quite unfair to reduce him up to 78 within a season. His shot IQ also stands at 25. which is one of the lowest scores in the game however it's not a huge surprise.

For the sake of comparison, players who were rated 78 all-around include Patrick Beverley, Westbrook's new teammate, Cole Anthony, Jakob Poeltl and rookies Paolo Banchero and Jabari Smith Jr. Surely Westbrook should have started his career somewhere in between 80 and 83? This one's not exactly a snub, moreso an "How does he keep getting praise?"

A type of snub to other players. Porzi? His numbers are solid but when you watch him, it's obvious that he's a shell of his pre-ACL tear self. This is why his team, the Dallas Mavericks moved on from his. But after posting intriguing numbers (22.1 points 8.8 rebounding, 2.9 assists on a 48-37-87 shooting break) over 17 contests for the Washington Wizards, Porzi? has improved to an 85 overall mark in 2K23 after having started 2K22 as 84 overall.

Westbrook was hammered by the team for a subpar season however, Porzi? ?is in good form after a 17-game run. Also, as mentioned earlier Siakam was knocked out despite doing things that were more solid. Porzi? Also, he has higher ratings than Klay Thompson Draymond Green, Fred VanVleet and De'Aaron Fox just to name just a handful of players. We'll see what this rating is impacted as the season progresses However, many stars aren't getting a better rating.

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 A type of snub to other players. Porzi? (üzenet: 3, Hobbi)
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